Sunday, April 25, 2010

About us...

We are a group of French hackers who live in many towns in France (Paris, Marseille, Lilles and Nantes). Even if we're french, we'll write all blog post in english in order to be understood by everyone.

Seeing that a lot of people (GeoHot, Comex ...) hold the solution to the 3.1.3 jailbreak but keep to themselves, we decided to enter the iPhone scene in order to make all we can to release a jailbreak software for those who have firmware 3.1.3 on theirs iPhone.

Unlike many "fake teams", we don't promise anything, maybe we will never find or maybe the solution will come quickly. However, if I write this blog post today, that's because we've already started our work for several weeks now. This afternoon, one of our guys found something which could be an exploit.

For now, we are currently carrying out tests to check if this is indeed an exploit. We will know more in the coming hours.

If you want to be informed of work's progress, you can follow us on twitter.